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robux-iconWelcome to EmpireTechs, one and only free robux generator our generator has lots of features and 99.9% efficiency. We’ve tested our generator in lots of devices it works almost on all devices, but we highly recommend you to use our free robux generator in mobile device.

It took us more than 3 months to hack Roblox game and create this awesome free robux generator to get free robux instantly without waiting for hours. It has lots of features and speed is one of them, we also added extra layer of security to prevent our generator from robot abuse.

Why use our Robux Generator?

  1. FREE: isn’t it enough? To give it a try to our generator. You might find your love! Our robux generator is free and we don’t charge or ask for a single penny from any user who uses our generator.
  2. Secure: Our generator is built by expert people, who are expert in their fields. We’ve made sure that there will be no security glitches in our generator. You can use our generator without worrying about your accounts security and we don’t ask for any sensitive information from any user who uses our free robux generator.

Roblox’s Free Robux Generator Feature List

  • Blazing Speed: Our generator has blazing speed; we’ve hosted our generator on Dedicated Cloud Servers which makes it speedier. You can use our generator and get amazed with the speed.
  • Instant Robux: Our free robux generator generates robux instantly which makes it stand out from the other competitors. You might have used other generators, but we can assure you, our generator is 99.9% efficient and working.
  • Simplicity is the new fashion: Yes, you read it right. We’ve made our generator as much simple as possible. We also tested it with 12-year-old kid, we used it without any guidance. You just need to follow few steps which we will share in a while.
  • Human Verification Method: Our generator has double security layers which makes it more secure and help us to prevent robot abuse of our generator. We want our generator to use by only humans that’s the reason we’ve added human verification method. You can’t skip it.

How to use our Free Robux Generator?

  1. Open our free robux generator, click on access online generator.
  2. Choose the amount of robux you want to generate for your Roblox account.
  3. Enter your Roblox account’s email ID. (Be careful while adding your email you might end up generating Robox for someone else account)
  4. Choose the device you’re currently using.
  5. Wait for the generator to do the work and find your username.
  6. Complete the human verification task, after successful verification you will land on the thank you page and your robux will be added automatically to your account within 30 seconds.

Who we are?

We’re bunch of bad guys and we love to play games. Our team has few hackers, developers, server experts and website designers. We’ve created this generator to help people (mostly students) generate free robux for their Roblox account so they can invest their money in better place than buying robux.

Our generator doesn’t have any limits, you can use it unlimited times but make sure not to use it rapidly. We might block your IP if you use our generator more than twice in a day.

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  1. I’ve used this free robux generator more once and since than I’m using this generator and bookmarked it in my browser to access it instantly. Thank you, guys, for the awesome work and make it available for free.

  2. I was looking for some free robux generator online and one my friend told me about and when I’ve tried your generator, damn I got amazed. Thank you for making it simple and secure.

  3. I’ve wasted a lot of money on buying robux, but when I’ve stubleupon on your website I’ve never spent a single penny on buying robux again. Thank you for this awesome free robux generator guys. You rock!

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